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Read this, tell me this person is not insane. Ban God now !

Death Opens Doors on Group
Ministry Members Charged in Baltimore After Baby's Body Is Found


I hope this means they all spend the rest of their lives rotting, but please don't make excuses for nut jobs since they did what they think God wants. Most everyone else they would have contact with in the world would think this insane, judge it by society not cult groups. Thanks. Read and weep :

By Dan Morse
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 29, 2009; Page C01

Members of One Mind Ministries drew little notice in the working-class Baltimore neighborhood where they lived in a nondescript brick rowhouse.
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But inside, prosecutors say, horrors were unfolding: Answering to a leader called Queen Antoinette, they denied a 16-month-old boy food and water because he did not say "Amen" at mealtimes. After he died, they prayed over his body for days, expecting a resurrection, then packed it into a suitcase with mothballs. They left it in a shed in Philadelphia, where it remained for a year before detectives found it last spring.

Tomorrow, five of the group's alleged members -- including the boy's mother, Ria Ramkissoon -- are scheduled to be tried in Baltimore on murder charges. Sources and Ramkissoon's mother said Ramkissoon, 22, has agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge on one condition: The charges against her must be dropped if her son, Javon Thompson, is resurrected.

Psychiatrists who evaluated Ramkissoon at the request of a judge concluded that she was not criminally insane. Her attorney, Steven Silverman, said the doctors found that her beliefs were indistinguishable from religious beliefs, in part because they were shared by those around her.

"She wasn't delusional, because she was following a religion," Silverman said, describing the findings of the doctors' psychiatric evaluation.

At the time of Javon's death, thought to be in January 2007, One Mind numbered no more than a dozen adults and children. The group claimed to find authority for its beliefs in the Bible. New members surrendered cellphones and broke off contacts with friends and family, according to law enforcement officials and Silverman.

Silverman said he and prosecutors think Ramkissoon was brainwashed and should have been found not criminally responsible; prosecutors declined to comment. Although an inability to think critically can be a sign of brainwashing, experts said, the line between that and some religious beliefs can be difficult to discern.

"At times there can be an overlap between extreme religious conviction and delusion," said Robert Jay Lifton, a cult expert and psychiatrist who lectures at Harvard Medical School. "It's a difficult area for psychiatry and the legal system."

Ramkissoon's mother, Seeta Khadan-Newton, said she is concerned that Ramkissoon might remain in the thrall of One Mind and back out of the plea agreement at the last minute. "I'm so scared. I don't know what's going to come out of her mouth," Khadan-Newton said.

Under the agreement, Ramkissoon, known within the group as Princess Marie, would plead guilty to child abuse resulting in death and cooperate with prosecutors. The murder charge would be dropped, and prosecutors would recommend probation and treatment.

Ramkissoon was born into a Hindu family in Trinidad but embraced Christianity after she moved to Baltimore at age 7 to live with her mother, a nursing assistant, Khadan-Newton said. She participated in the Junior ROTC program at Northwestern High School and graduated with honors.

In 2005, she became pregnant by her boyfriend. By the time Javon was born, in September of that year, his father was in jail on a charge of attempted murder.

Ramkissoon enrolled in classes to be a pharmacy technician but found it difficult to leave her son with family members, relatives said.

According to Ramkissoon's relatives and law enforcement officials, a friend who was also a new mother told her about a "family" she lived with, about how she didn't have to work and could dedicate herself to raising her son. Ramkissoon paid a visit and soon decided not to return to her family's apartment.

"They promised her safety, a way away from everything," Ricky Ramkissoon said of his older sister. "She probably thought that that's what she needed."

In April 2006, Khadan-Newton tried to persuade her daughter to leave One Mind. Outside the rowhouse, she hugged Ramkissoon and begged her to come home, or at least to let her see Javon. Khadan-Newton said Ramkissoon just stood there, emotionless. "It was like she was a complete stranger," she said.

Ricky Ramkissoon said One Mind allowed him to visit his sister twice before he made clear he didn't want to join. He said he once saw Queen Antoinette blow marijuana smoke in Javon's face. Members of the group believe that marijuana "frees your soul," he said.

Queen Antoinette, 40, does not have an attorney, according to court records. Officially known by that name in the records, she is in jail and could not be reached for comment.

According to charging documents, in December 2006, Javon stopped saying "Amen" at mealtimes. Queen Antoinette told members the boy had developed a demonic spirit and needed to be cleansed through fasting and by being denied water, law enforcement officials said.

Ramkissoon found it "unbearable" to watch but followed the instructions, the officials said. "In her mind, an apostle of God had ordered this," Silverman said.

Javon's skin turned dark and he stopped moving, according to charging documents. Ramkissoon tried to feed him, but his mouth would not open. She felt for a heartbeat but detected none.

The body was placed on a mattress in a back room, and Queen Antoinette told her followers that God would "raise Javon from the dead," according to the charging documents.

Javon's body remained there for at least a week, police said. Eventually, it was wrapped in a blanket and placed in a suitcase. Queen Antoinette burned the mattress and Javon's clothes, police said, and the room was washed down with bleach.

The group came to believe there had been no resurrection because someone among them was not a true believer, according to an attorney for one of the other defendants, Marcus Cobbs. With that person no longer part of the group, they headed north out of Baltimore with the suitcase, believing Javon could be raised at a future date, according to Cobbs's attorney, Maureen Rowland.

For a time, the remaining four adults and two children were homeless, wheeling the suitcase around with them on the streets of Philadelphia. In April 2007, an elderly man whom Queen Antoinette had met a dollar store agreed to keep their luggage in a locked shed while they continued on to New York.
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Khadan-Newton found her daughter in Brooklyn in February 2008. She asked her about Javon. "He's gone, he's lost," Ramkissoon told her mother, according to the charging documents.

Khadan-Newton contacted police, and detectives found the suitcase two months later. Investigators approached Ramkissoon. She refused to say where her son was, but she assured them that he was alive. A DNA test, however, soon showed that she was the mother of the dead child, police said.

By late summer, Ramkissoon and the other defendants -- the five adults who prosecutors allege were living at the house when Javon died -- had been charged.

In December, Ricky Ramkissoon visited his sister in the Baltimore jail and found her to be "like a different person every five seconds."

At times, he said, she talked about games they played as children and teased him about his unusual gait. "Do you still walk like Big Bird?" she asked him.

But she lapsed again and again into the beliefs she absorbed as a member of One Mind. At one point, she told him, "Javon isn't dead."

Staff researcher Meg Smith contributed to this report

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tight Ass Club .... perfect video for those idiots who pick and choose their faith.

Dear Mr Phelps, and other God fearing anti-gay weirdos. I am not gay, but I am also not some agenda driven blind sheep like Christian either who constantly brings up homosexually and how those who are Homosexual should not have marriage.

1. Marriage is practiced outside of your dumb faith, get other it, your religion does not have ownership over marriage.
2. If being gay was such a terrible thing, why is it not in the 10 commandments?
3. Why would god make people gay, I know they choose that lifestyle Christians like to say. Well then what about those who choose not to marry and live together. Those evil couples shaking up. What about those who decide to marry under another ritual, and on and on and on we can go.

Here is a great video for "YOU" people, and you know who YOU are.... idiots.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Detroy peoples lives for the Pope : Read the Article and shutter !

What would you do if the leader of the Church of Scientology came to your town,

and in order to make way for his arrival your local business centre was completely

moved to another area of the city. Workers are displaced, business lost and all manner

of injustices are done in the name of ensuring that David Miscavige is comfortable and

safe. Would you be happy? What about a Muslim leader? How about tearing down

your businesses to make way for the leader? Does matter if you believe in him or not.

Make way for the POPE ! :

Street stalls demolished for pope's visit

Tue Mar 10, 2009 2:20pm EDT


By Tansa Musa

YAOUNDE (Reuters) - Cameroonian security forces have smashed up the street stalls, where thousands of people earn a living, to give the capital Yaounde a face-lift for a visit by Pope Benedict next week.

Pope Benedict makes his first trip to Africa as pontiff next week, visiting Cameroon before continuing to Angola to mark 500 years of Christian evangelism there.

"My 10 years of investments have been ruined. I don't know now what to do to survive," wailed Mariane Ngoupendji on Monday when she found her typing and printing shop reduced to rubble.

"Will the Pope's visit replace what I've lost?" she said.

Ngoupendji, 43, collapsed weeping to the ground as youths pulled pieces of corrugated iron, girders and planks from the ruins, hoping to sell them or use them to build elsewhere.

Many people make their living through informal stalls or boutiques, selling everything from imported electrical goods to local produce in a country where millions of people live in poverty even though it boasts one of Africa's biggest economies.

But authorities say the stalls, ranging from simple wooden shelves to secure lock-ups built with steel and concrete, are an eye-sore and began to tear them down last week. No compensation will be offered, the government said.

"On Monday the authorities of the Yaounde urban municipality continued pulling down illegally erected structures down in the town center with the support of security forces," state radio reported on Monday.

"They vowed that the process will continue as part of efforts to embellish the city and give it a new face-lift."

Yaounde council officials could not be reached for comment.

Security forces have deployed in large numbers to prevent trouble. Previous attempts to clear traders from African cities have triggered widespread violence, including in Senegal before last year's Organizationof the Islamic Conference summit.

Police beat youths and stallholders at the weekend on Yaounde's Avenue Kennedy, where many hawkers sell cell phones and other electrical items imported from Dubai, witnesses said.

"I saw gendarmes and police chasing after fellow Cameroonians, beating them up with such ferocity and smashing their goods," said a Cameroon Telecommunications company worker, who watched from a third storey window as police cleared stalls near Avenue Kennedy on Saturday.

"Why not simply ask them to assemble their goods and move away instead of destroying everything. Must the Pope's visit bring so much trouble for the people?" said the worker, who declined to be identified for fear of reprisals.

But a senior police officer said stallholders had refused to comply with several previous requests to move on.

"Now, with the Pope coming, the authorities are left with no other choice than to use force to get them out," he told Reuters.

"African traditional hospitality demands that you keep your house clean when expecting a guest."

(Writing by Alistair Thomson; Editing by Angus MacSwan)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You can find Jesus anywhere !

Monday, March 9, 2009


Let as celebrate Humanity and toss Goat poo to those who would rather worship unseen deities. Those who obey anything they wish to call a God so blindly their willing to ignore all facts and science, trusted sources and will lie, cheat and mislead others in attempts to bring those others towards their own belief system.

The best example I can give for this is a man named Ray Comfort. Here is a person so utterly insane and delusional, well he was willing to debate a pair of Evolutionary Scientists a while back with his equally insane and inept pal Kirk Cameron on the basis of proving God's exsistence without the help of the bible.


Don't believe me, after all I suggest you research and invest the time in looking up facts then deciding for yourself what is truth in this life. Just "google" Ray Comfort + Debate and you'll surely see enough evidence of what I speak here. I will I guess make a huge effort to find and point out Reglious idiots, bigots, liars, users ( like the evil prick Benny Hinn) and post what I can find about them here.

And please, don't be a hater !!!

Da Goat.